Saturday, December 22, 2012

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Interview with amazing authors!

Hi world. Michelina and I decided this would be fun to do so that everyone could see each persons different answer to the same questions! Thank you to Lindsay Cummings and Kristen Jett for participating! Enjoy and leave feedback! 

p.s. I know the numbers are pretty much all 1! Sorry, something went wrong!
  1. How old are you?

Michelina: I am 13 years old. 

Kirsten: 20-something. 

Lindsay: I'm 21! but I look like I'm 15

Jen: 13 years young, and proud of it! 
  1. What's your favorite genre to write?

Michelina: Anything fiction! Young Adult books are interesting to write because that is the audience I am in and those are the books I love to read! Sci-fi is my absolute favorite! Future dystopian books are fun because you have to have a wild imagination to think up the plot!

Kirsten: YA fiction. If I was to break it down more than that, I typically write paranormal romance or edgy contemporaries. 

Lindsay: absolutely YA futuristic, without a doubt!

Jen: YA futuristic sci-fi all the way! 

  1. What's your biggest goal?

Michelina: My biggest goal I'd to be successful in whatever I do. For the time being, that's my writing. I want to make my family proud! 

Kirsten: Wow, tough question. I suppose my biggest goal is to make either the NY Times or the LA Times Best Sellers List. I won't go into the politics of either of those lists, but it's something I've wanted since I was a little girl.

Lindsay: I would love to become a New York Times Bestseller before I'm 30. I don't know if that will happen...but I'm going to work my butt off!

Jen: My biggest writing goal is to be a New York Times bestselling author. But my life goal is to be happy.

4. Did you write when you were younger?

Michelina: Yes! I would always write when I was younger. Silly short stories with talking animals and fairies as characters, but writing all the same. I also enjoyed writing poems and won some writing contests when I was younger.

Kirsten: I've been writing since I was around six, if we include songs and poetry. I didn't begin writing stories until I was around eight. Before that, I would create stories on the spot, but not write them down.

Lindsay: I did! I loved to write little "talking animal" stories. My dogs, horses, ducks, etc, were all the characters.

Jen: Of course! I'd write stupid short stories (mostly about things I wished I had, or talking dogs) and I'd ask my dad to hang up a "show curtain" and force my family to sit and listen to me read it dramatically, like I was in a play. 

  1. What's your idea of an awesome main character? 

Michelina: My idea of an awesome main character is someone who no only you can imagine in your brain, but also is a part of your heart. My main character, Anastasia, represents who I want to be, she is bold, brave and not afraid of anything. A very successful author also once told me to give my good characters bad traits and my bad characters good traits. I love this advice, and use it often. It helps my characters become more real, and so I don't have a perfect, little, unrealistic main character.

Kirsten: An awesome main character is entirely relatable. She's vulnerable but tough, independent, and viewed as someone you could be friends with, or that you could become in the same situation. I fall for characters who seem real. 

Lindsay: Katniss Everdeen. Someone tough, but who still has a heart.

Jen: Waist-length blonde hair (with curls!), who knows how to shoot a gun but is also cute with boys.  

  1. What is your writing inspiration?

Michelina:  My writing inspiration usually comes in dreams. I believe that is when your imagination Is at full force, when there are no distractions to affect the thoughts and when subconsciously all the knots in the story unfold. I am extremely lucky when I can remember my dream, and I am even more fortunate when I have the opportunity to convert that dream into a story!

Kirsten: I'm fairly certain all of my writing inspiration comes from parallel universes where my characters really exist. If that's not the case...I have no idea. My inspiration can spark from seeing a painting of a person, and forming a character around them or hearing a phrase and building a short idea around it.

Lindsay: In terms of people, Suzanne Collins, Lauren Oliver, Veronica Roth, Beth Revis. In terms of reasons why I write, it's to overcome my illness and make something of myself!

Jen: My inspiration comes from dreams. I have a notebook beside my bed that I use to write them down in the night. One of the people who inspires my the most is Stephenie Meyer. But, my real inspiration is because I want to prove something to the world. I'm writing to show people that you don't need to be special of some sort, or be a certain age to do what you love. 

  1. If you could have a conversation with one person alive, or dead, who would it be?

Michelina: I would have a conversation with my Nonno. He is still alive, but suffers from Alzheimer's disease. He was a very smart man and I wish I could talk to him when he was young and well. 

Kirsten: I would want to talk to Edna St. Vincent Millay. Her poetry has inspired me since I was a teenager - I even had a few of her poems taped to my door! It would be amazing to hear specifically what inspired several of them. 

Lindsay: If you could have a conversation with one person alive, or dead, who would it be?- Oh gosh...honestly, it would be Meadow Woodson, the main character from The Murder Complex.  I loveeee her.

Jen: Stephenie Meyer. She’s one of my favorite authors and I could talk to her all day. 

8. What's your biggest writing obstacle?

Michelina: My biggest obstacle would be the fact that my family is not very supportive of my writing. They don't read my work and say that non-fiction is better than fiction. I disagree entirely and think that writing is a great way to spend my time! I am thankful for friends Jen and Ainsley who have been overly supportive and whom I am extremely grateful for!

Kirsten: My biggest obstacle would be finding the time to write. I have a full time job, so I usually only have a couple of hours of free time on the average weekday. I have so many writing projects I want to do, but not enough time to write them all!  

Lindsay: writing when I'm sick or exhausted, which happens every day. Chronic Fatigue sucks, and sometimes, I just want to go back to sleep!

Jen: One of my biggest obstacles is adults underestimating me before they even know me and hear what I have to say. 

  1. Explain your book in 30 words.

Michelina: A Universe contained seven planets, races, books, and a high council. The antagonist tries to rule by destroying all evidence of order. Will Anastasia find the books and restore universal order?

Kirsten: Girl meets her favorite writer in the airport -just as the zombie apocalypse breaks out around them. Can an apocalypse writer save the day in real life?

Lindsay: Two teens struggle to survive in a world where the murder rate is higher than the birth rate.

Jen: Mia's life is perfect. Until the worlds power source is gone, but Mia has a gift. Using it, she's able to find answers to the world, but is she strong enough? 
  1. Do you have a special tradition on when, where or how you write?

Michelina: I think writing when you are tired is a great way to get your ideas flowing and to let your imagination run free. I used to prefer writing with a pen ad paper because it prevents hesitation during writing. I also found it useful to take with me anywhere. Recently though, I switched to typing as a first resort because writing would take too long with pen and paper and then I would have to re type it up anyways. I usually write at my desk or at school. 

Kirsten: I usually drink jasmine green tea while I write. Other traditions change for each work in progress. Usually I change jewelry to wear something like what the MC would wear. 

Lindsay: I get up in the morning, feed my 3 dogs, make some peppermint mocha, and sit on the couch and write. I set a stopwatch, so I can track my writing times. I take a nap, wake up, and do the same thing again (minus feeding dogs). Sometimes, I move to my writing office when the family gets home.

 Jen: I like to write facing a window, and when it’s cold and snowy. Also, when I’m out anywhere I like to play out scenes in my head according to whats happening in real life. For example: I’m at the grocery store and while walking out, a normal man looks at me and starts walking behind me but I safely make it home. *In my head:* The repulsive smell coming off of the man that looks at me mischievously makes my stomach churn. I quickly scurry around the corner and hide behind a trash can while peeking out behind it. I see his black, grubby boots approach me. I ruff hand grabs my ponytail and I scream.
Yes, I do this all day even though none of it actually happens.